Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thirst Quencher - Lime Soda

The heat wave in New Jersey sent me looking for thirst quenchers. I finally ended up buying a bottle of Seltzer water and few limes.

I remember myself and my cousins always made Lime soda suring our summer vacation. We would go to the shop pick up some bottles of 'plain soda' a.k.a club soda. We would then go to our backyard and pick limes from the lemon tree. We would then squeeze the limes in tall glasses and add a pinch of salt and sugar and add the sizzling club soda. It is an amazing drink and it is a definite thirst quencher. And the best part- skip the salt and sugar- and you end up with a zero calorie drink.

So here is a picture of Lime soda- the summer thirst quencher!

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